City officials have obtained financing commitments that will enable Mt. Pleasant to proceed with a proposed $1.8 million culinary water project.

The project will upgrade distribution lines and increase water flow from two springs that supply a major part of the culinary supply, according to Vern Fisher, city coordinator.The project will involve the replacement of about 80 percent of the water lines, now old, corroded and undersized, with 6-inch lines for improved health, safety and fire protection.

The project will also provide for an anticipated population growth requiring 1,423 water connections. The system currently has 868 connections, Fisher said.

The city has received approval for an $863,000 zero-interest loan from the Utah Board of Water Resources and a $917,000 commitment from the Safe Drinking Water Committee. The loans will be paid off from the sale of revenue bonds.

The city's portion of the estimated project cost is 3 percent, or $55,000.

Resident input will be sought at a series of meetings before the city makes a final decision on going ahead with the project, Fisher said.