The South Sanpete School District has signed a three-year contract with Whittle Communications that provides for the installation of Channel One at three of its schools.

Channel One will provide a daily 12-minute program dealing mainly with current events, according to Superintendent Lewis Mullins. The daily programs will include two minutes of commercials touching items of special interest to teens, including clothes, magazines and sports equipment.The service is free to the district, Mullins said, with the commercials Whittle's source of revenue.

Channel One will be installed at the Ephraim Middle School, Gunnison Valley High School and Manti High School. At each school, the company will provide a satellite dish, a receiver/amplifier, two central video players, a preview television, classroom color televisions and the necessary wiring.

Mullins said that polls show a majority of teenagers neither watch news nor read a newspaper. And the same polls show that most parents think that junior and senior high school students should know more about current events.

"We feel that Channel One will help fill this gap in the education of our secondary school students," Mullins said.