Vernal City police are seeking information in the disappearance of a 6-year-old girl who was last seen walking into her back yard.

Authorities said there were no witnesses to the apparent kidnapping of Veronica Maria Fitzen Sunday in the early evening. Veronica's older brother was playing in the yard at the time but was unable to provide any information.Veronica is described as being 48 inches tall, weighing 33 pounds. She has dark brown hair, brown eyes and a dark complexion. She was last seen wearing a turquoise summer short jumpsuit, red socks and white shoes.

Detective Rick Hawkins of the Vernal City Police Department said officers have investigated leads in southern Utah, Colorado and Wyoming but have failed to turn up anything concerning the child's disappearance.

"We have nothing to go on," he said, adding that the more time that passes without clues, the greater the risk to the child.

Anyone with information should call 789-5835 or 789-4222.