Need an extra $569 for holiday shopping? That's the average amount in tax refund checks returned to the Internal Revenue Service because of incorrect addresses.

So the agency is encouraging taxpayers to check whether they ever received their refunds in the mail. More than 72,000 checks were returned because of incorrect addresses or because people moved and did not leave a forwarding address.An IRS press release said, "Most taxpayers who haven't claimed their tax refunds have simply forgotten about it."

Checks will be re-issued if taxpayers call the IRS at 1 (800) TAX-1040.

To help prevent the problem of incorrect addresses, the IRS is also encouraging taxpayers who file their return electronically to have refunds deposited directly into their bank account. About 4.2 million people filed their returns electronically this year.

The IRS also notes that undelivered checks are the exception, not the rule. It said they were a tiny percentage of the nearly 78 million checks sent this year with an average refund of $897.