Trey Urbahn endured a missed connection in Cairo and bad weather in the Midwest in setting a record for flying around the world on commercial flights.

"It's great to be back," Urbahn, 32, of Mount Prospect, Ill., when he finally disembarked at O'Hare after his 102-hour adventure."The hardest part (of the journey) was going from sitting in one position for a long time and then turning into a marathon runner when I got to the (next) airport to change planes."

Urbahn, a United Airlines pricing department employee, began his journey Friday.

His first setback occurred in Cairo when he was bumped from the next leg of his journey because he had not arrived at the airport two hours in advance to check in on his Garunda Indonesia Airlines flight. It took him 30 hours to line up a seat on a Singapore Airlines flight.

"I was devastated but it was a risk that comes with the trip," Urbahn said.

He was tempted to quit then but his wife gave him a pep talk.