Among the Egyptian Theater Foundation's goals for 1991 is raising $3 million toward restoration of the aging but freshly scrubbed landmark.

Foundation President Rob White threw out the figure during the foundation's annual meeting Tuesday, but he doesn't really believe it's attainable in 1991."That's wildly optimistic. But it is possible for 1992. These things can snowball," he said.

White said there are some six-figure possibilities in the works as far as grants and donations, but he would not elaborate.

Other goals for the coming year include renting out the theater's two storefront commercial spaces and doing enough building code work on plumbing and heating to obtain an occupancy permit and begin showing films.

That would be phase-one construction, White said, in the range of several thousand dollars.

Phase two, hopefully started in 1991, would involve significantly more work to get the Egyptian up to standard as a cultural and fine arts showcase, White said.

White said Ogden voters by nearly a 2-to-1 margin defeated a $2 million restoration proposal largely because no one knew what the theater was going to be used for.