The Delta City Council has voted 3-2 to send a letter to state and county officials opposing a hazardous waste incinerator being considered by the town of Lynndyl.

The letter expressed opposition to the incinerator because of its potential effect on Delta's water supply."The proposed site threatens the water supply of all communities downstream - that's the key issue," said Councilman Wes Bloomfield.

Two members voted for the letter and two against, leaving Mayor Ruth Hansen to cast the tie-breaking vote to carry the motion. Both dissenting council members stated they were not in favor of the incinerator, but they wanted more time to study the issue.

Residents of Delta and Lynndyl spoke out against the the incinerator and Rollins Environmental Services, which wants to build a facility on private land near Lynndyl. Catherine Hamilton said she has petitioned the Environmental Protection Agency to reveal Rollins' compliance record and any enforcement actions against the company. She will receive this information within 10 days and will inform the Lynndyl City Council of their findings.

"By the Freedom of Information Act, they must answer the questions. Lynndyl has already indicated that it's just propaganda. The U.S. government isn't propaganda. They (the EPA) would answer on what emissions would be affecting agriculture, on what's submitted to their staff, and on Rollins' past record," said Hamilton.

Because the proposed site is not on Bureau of Land Management land, an environmental impact statement is not required. This has Delta residents up in arms.

"My understanding is that if Lynndyl town council and planning commission wants it, they're going to get it," said one Delta resident. "I've already talked to the county commissioners and state representative Joe Moody. He said it doesn't concern me one way or the other. If you have your county officials and those town officials in favor of it, you're going to get it, and I don't think as Delta residents we have that much to say. It's just through the ballot box, letters to the editor, phone calls to neighbors and friends that we're going to get this thing stopped."

An informal poll of the 75 residents in attendance indicated only two were in favor of the Lynndyl site, and they hope to hear calmly all the facts before arriving at a final decision.

Rollins Environmental Services officials will be present at a Lynndyl City Council meeting Wednesday, 7 p.m. at the Lynndyl Town Hall to answer any questions.