A new mother who was separated from her baby and activated for military service in the Persian Gulf instead will be discharged from the Army, Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, D-Conn., said Wednesday.

"Cheryl Young will not be going to Saudi Arabia," Lieberman said in a statement from his Washington office."A discharge is in the works and I have asked that the Army expedite the process so she can be reunited with her daughter and her husband as soon as possible," he said.

Young, who lives in West Haven, recently gave birth to her daughter, but her unit, the 142nd Medical Co. of the Connecticut Army National Guard, was activated last weekend and sent to Fort Devens, Mass.

To make matters worse, her husband has suffered a serious shoulder injury and is unable to pick up their baby, officials said.

The 142nd Medical Co. is due to ship out for Saudi Arabia under Operation Desert Shield, Lieberman said.

"This was a classic `snafu,' " said Lieberman. "Anyone familiar with the facts of this case can easily see Cheryl Young should not have been sent to Fort Devens, let alone Saudi Arabia."

Lieberman said he spoke with several officials in Washington after learning about Young's plight and they assured him the Army would speed up Young's discharge.