The flurry of snowstorms that have been passing through Utah the past couple of weeks have caused some smiles and some concern.

Those areas in position to do well on passing storms are smiling and those that are on sometimes marginal grounds aren't.Those areas that are open include Alta, Brighton, Park City, Powder Mountain, Snowbird and Solitude.

Joining the open ranks was Brian Head today.

Waiting for "one more good storm" are Nordic Valley, Deer Valley, Snowbasin, ParkWest and Beaver Mountain. ParkWest and Deer Valley are scheduled to open Dec. 8.

Alta, always in position to receive the most snow, has done so again. It is holding a base of 49 inches. All lifts and runs are open and, says Onno Wieringa, general manger, skiing is good . . . "It's one of the best openers we've had in several years."

Resorts like ParkWest and Snowbasin did not get as much snow.

According to Doug Harmon, general manager at ParkWest, another storm would guarantee its planned opener.

"Right now it looks like we'll open on schedule. We're making snow nightly," he said.

Places like Nordic Valley and Snowbasin, however, do not have the convenience of snowmaking and must wait for passing storms.

Solitude is reporting a base of 40 inches.

According to Mike Goar, vice president of mountain operations, snow was getting a little thin after the weekend. "The last storm, though, put down 14 more inches. That made all the difference in the world. Skiing's pretty good now," he reported.

Brighton has a 38-inch base, Park City 19, Powder Mountain 37 and Snowbird 37.

Brian Head, east of Cedar City, opened Thursday and expects to have 65 percent of the runs and lifts running by Friday. The resort has a 26-inch base.

Which, said Rene Meyer, "is enough. We spent a lot of time grooming the slopes this past summer so we could open with less snow. It paid off for us."

Open for cross country skiing with 15 kilometers of track open is the Solitude Nordic Center in Big Cottonwood Canyon. The White Pine Center in Park City has seven kilometers of track open.