A Federal Highway Administration review has found serious problems in the Idaho Transportation Department's ability to enforce state laws regulating size and weight of trucks.

But state Transportation Director Kermit Kiebert said Tuesday the federal findings were linked to longstanding problems that require changes in state law to correct.Release of the federal study detailing substantial deficiencies in the operations of the ports of entry, which carry out the truck laws, came just a day after the Transportation Board ordered the end of a policy of providing preferential treatment to truckers in north-central Idaho on enforcement of weight restrictions.

That instance of favoritism coupled with the furor two weeks earlier over reports that State Police troopers were told not to ticket politicians and other officials prompted Gov. Cecil Andrus earlier Tuesday to issue a directive that no favoritism will be shown to anyone.

The federal study said fines for weight or size violations were too low to be effective, staffing and facilities of the ports of entry were inadequate and truck inspectors were hampered by lack of enforcement authority.