To the editor:

National Football League Commissioner Paul Tagliabue has recommended to the league owners that the NFL move its 1993 Super Bowl from Phoenix for what he perceives to be racism. So why not also address the overt racism that the league perpetuates in allowing the Washington Redskins and the Kansas City Chiefs to inflict degradation upon this country's first minority, the Native Americans.See if owners are willing to change those team names to the Washington White Guys or the Kansas City Negroes and then perhaps you will understand just a fraction of what Native Americans feel when they watch those teams play. What other ethnic group is so insulted by the white culture that they are degraded, as a people, to the level of being considered a team mascot? It is not the "honor" that your culture may claim it is.

The elite rulers of the NFL have many inequalities to address within their own organization before their political blackmail of the people of Arizona (over 35 percent of whom are minorities) can have any credence with the American public. Where are all their minority owners, administrators, executives, coaches, etc.? How much of the NFL's billions of dollars go toward helping minority communities?

Prove to American minorities, and Native Americans in particular, that the NFL is not racist by actions, not by political reactions and declarations.

A Hopi Indian sports fan

Ken Sekaquaptewa

Orem, Utah