The majority of the high school graduates of 1990 - 84 percent - said they intended to go on to some type of post-high school education.

A survey of more than 15,000 seniors - 64 percent of the graduates - contacted during the spring preceding graduation showed that the number planning post-secondary education is increasing. The State Office of Education survey in 1989 indicated that 81 percent had such plans.Those intending to enroll in a four-year college or university represented 45 percent of the 1990 survey, while 24 percent said they would go to a two-year Utah college. Two percent indicated a preference for a private or business school in Utah, and about 10 percent said they were looking at schooling outside the state.

The university of choice for 28 percent of those looking at four-year institutions was the University of Utah, with another 22 percent expressing a preference for Brigham Young University. Twenty percent said they wanted to attend Utah State University; 19 percent Weber State College; 7 percent Southern Utah State College. Slightly more than 2 percent said they would attend Westminster College.

The choices for two-year colleges included Salt Lake Community College (29 percent); Utah Valley Community College (28 percent); Dixie College (20 percent); Snow College (18 percent); and College of Eastern Utah (just under 5 percent).

Almost four in five of the graduates (79 percent) said they planned to work full or part time.

The intent figures are consistent with Utahns' perception that the majority of students should continue an academic program after high school.

However, employment specialists in the state say that the expectations are unrealistic, since 80 percent of the jobs in the state do not require a four-year college degree. With attrition over the first two years of post-high school education, the figures become more closely aligned as more students go into jobs that require less extensive training.


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Eighty-four percent of Utah's 1990 high school graduates surveyed by the State Office of Education said they would continue their education.

Choices of Utah schools (rounded off) included:

University of Utah 28 percent

Brigham Young University 22 percent

Utah State University 20 percent

Weber State College 19 percent

Southern Utah State College 7 percent

Westminster College 2 percent

Among those planning to attend two-year institutions, the preferences included:

Salt Lake Community College 29 percent

Utah Valley Community College 28 percent

Dixie College 20 percent

Snow College 18 percent

College of Eastern Utah 5 percent

About 10 percent of the total selected an out-of-Utah school.