To the editor:

As an aftermath of the election especially in the Third Congressional District, I weep for Karl Snow and his family and for the people of Utah. All those who really know Karl Snow know that he is a man of integrity who ran for the office of congressman because he genuinely believed that he had the experience and knowledge that would make him the best man for the job. And I honestly believe he was.In saying this, I take nothing away from the knowledge and personal integrity of his opponent, Bill Orton. He fought a masterful campaign which exploited every weakness in his opponent's campaign and cleverly turned Karl Snow's virtues into campaign weaknesses. What should have been for the voters the crucial difference between Karl Snow and his opponent - his experience and knowledge of budgeting, his strong connection with party leaders on a state and national level and his intimate knowledge of the legislative process on the state and national levels - became in the anti-establishment atmosphere of this election a damning obstacle to the election of Karl Snow. In the process, Karl Snow has been made to look like a self-interested, if not corrupt, politician - something totally contrary to the facts.

In my judgment, the single greatest weakness in our educational system is its failure to teach the virtues of parties. It has constantly emphasized its evils while failing to acknowledge the fact that the best way voters can be given clear policy alternatives is for parties to be well enough organized and well enough financed that they can give voters some clear policy alternatives between which they must choose if the elections are going to be meaningful.

A. Spencer Hill

Retired professor of political science

Salt Lake City