To the editor:

The November skies this year appear not only ominous with forebodings of wintry storms, but manifest a global darkness we associate with war. We are teetering on the very edge in the Persian Gulf, lining up our ducks as if all problems will inevitably have to be solved with blood.Chemical and nuclear warfare are discussed as natural consequences to a military showdown, as though we were advising a friend to take an umbrella on a trip to London - just a reality we better get used to.

Throughout it all, the peace movement remains disturbingly quiet. I wonder if the peace movement just went home after the Cold War ended. I wonder if the peace movement just all turned into business people. I wonder if the peace movement just got too disillusioned.

We need to speak out publicly and awaken the peaceful yearnings inside us all. President Bush had my initial support. His skillful diplomacy led to a strong position taken by the United Nations with heavy sanctions imposed on Iraq. He rallied support among virtually all Arab nations, and I thought our country had finally learned the tough lessons of history.

The accomplishments of a prudent policy are about to be undermined, and the stability of the entire world jeopardized by a president who seems more concerned about directing people away from his budget problems than pursuing the long, patient and thorny road to peace.

Rev. Thomas R. Goldsmith

First Unitarian Church

Salt Lake City