An Indiana man who shot himself to death after firing on deputies had escaped earlier from Utah Highway Patrol troopers, according to lawmen.

The man fled on foot while being transported to the Iron County Correction Facility Tuesday afternoon after an arrest for drunken driving and possession of narcotics.United Press International identified the man as Turner Havely, 33.

UHP Sgt. David Excell said Havely convinced Trooper Russ Lee to pull his cruiser off the road because he was going to be sick. When the trooper responded to a radio call, Havely ran.

According to Excell, Havely is believed to have stolen a gun and later a car and fled northbound on I-15.

Deputies caught up with Havely after his car ran through a road block at the Holden interchange. He then shot himself in the abdomen as the deputies approached the car, Excell said.