So, will the Heisman race end in a Ty? Or will the field be left in the Rocket's red glare? We won't know until 4:30 p.m. MST Saturday, when the button-down folks at the Downtown Athletic Club in New York announce the winner of the 56th Heisman Memorial Trophy live on CBS TV.

But we couldn't wait. Ty's our man.Ty Detmer, Brigham Young's consistently spectacular junior quarterback, received seven of 10 first-place votes in the final Scripps Howard Heisman poll of the season.

Colorado running back Eric Bieniemy, who had the other three first-place votes, finished second.

Notre Dame's Raghib "Rocket" Ismail, the favorite in the eyes of many Heisman watchers, finished third in our poll. Ismail received no first-place votes and only one for second place. The voting for this year's trophy could be the closest in the award's history.

Most observers see it as a down-to-the-wire job between Detmer and Ismail, with Bieniemy a distant third. In a USA TODAY survey of 211 voters (nearly one-fourth of the electorate of 917) taken the weekend of the BYU-Utah and Notre Dame-Penn State games - Ismail edged Detmer. But Detmer, who led each week of the season in our poll, convinced our panel he had the stuff of Heisman. He finished ahead of Ismail on every ballot.

"There is absolutely no question he did more for his team than any player in the country," John Rohde of The Daily Oklahoman said of Detmer. "I think to win the Heisman, you have to be consistent. Detmer was there every game. To me, it isn't close. "I have a feeling Ismail is going to win it because I think a lot of Eastern voters have a bias against anyone from the West, but in my mind, Ismail didn't have nearly the season Detmer did."

Bob Queenan of the Cincinnati Post agreed. "The kid (Detmer) had his chances to be bad - playing against Miami, playing at Air Force in the snow, playing in a hostile environment in Wyoming - but he never had a bad game," he said. "Even when he had what some people would call an off-game, against Oregon, he was sensational."

Awaiting the final word won't be easy for our poll winner.

"This week will be pretty rough," said Detmer. "Right now, I'm just ready for it to be over with. I've been waking up before the alarm clock, which I don't normally do. I'm excited about this week, but there's a lot of anxiety because no one's sure what will happen."

And Ty's pitch for Ty?

"Well, you see Notre Dame on TV every week and you hear the announcers talking about how great they are, yet they're ranked No. 8 and we're No. 4. I definitely think the exposure helps a player like Ismail. But I think in the last few years, they've chosen a player who's had the best year and done the most for his team. I'd like to think that will continue this year."

Tune in Saturday.