LAST-MINUTE Heisman endorsements. Who said them?

On behalf of Notre Dame's Raghib "The Rocket" Ismail: "If he doesn't win it, they oughta stop giving it."On behalf of Brigham Young's Ty Detmer: "He's simply the best. He's a marvel. He's who I'd vote for. Unfortunately, I don't have a vote."

On behalf of Colorado's Eric Bienemy: "There isn't another team that's got a back like Eric, who can run right in there time after time and pick up yardage consistently. That separates and distinguishes him, and gives him entry into winning that kind of award."

And on behalf of Houston's David Klingler: "He's clearly illustrated he's the top performer not only in college football this year, but all-time. Clearly, it (the Heisman) should go to the top performer in football, and that's David Klingler."

The authors include: A) Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz, B) BYU Coach LaVell Edwards, C) Colorado Coach Bill McCartney and D) Houston Coach John Jenkins.


RACKING UP YARDS, NOT VOTES: And then there's the story of Darren Lewis, Texas A&M's senior halfback who may not even crack the top five in this weekend's Heisman Trophy balloting - in spite of a 1990 season that ranks as one of the best of alltime.

Going into a final game Saturday at Texas, Lewis has rushed for 1,541 yards this season, leaving him just 102 yards from taking over the national leadership from Oklahoma State's Gerald Hudson, who is through for the year. Since he has rushed for more than 100 yards 26 times in his career, Lewis should make it. If he goes on to get 203 yards, he would pass Earl Campbell and become the rushingest back in Southwest Conference single-season history.

Getting 203 yards is of course unlikely, but 138 isn't so unlikely, and that's the figure that would give Lewis 5,000 yards for his career.

Only four other backs in history have gained more than 5,000 yards in their careers - Tony Dorsett, Charles White, Herschel Walker and Archie Griffin.

All of them won the Heisman Trophy.


THE SHY TYPE: Part of the reason Lewis (who will face BYU's defense in the Holiday Bowl) isn't a hot Heisman name is because he didn't want to be. According to Alan Cannon, Texas A&M's sports information director, the 220-pound halfback from Dallas requested at the start of this season that no posters be made or any kind of a Heisman campaign be mounted.

"He was supposed to be a contender last year, as a junior," explained Cannon, "and then we opened with three games on television and he didn't do very well. Then he got injured. After rushing for 1,692 yards as a sophomore he only had 961 yards as a junior. Now, 961 yards isn't bad, but it's not great. When Darren came back this year he walked in and said, `No posters."'


ALPHA & OMEGA: Speaking of the Texas A&M Aggies - BYU's Holiday Bowl opponent no matter what happens at Texas-Texas A&M this Saturday - Texas Coach David McWilliams thinks they have a better offense than No. 1 ranked Colorado.

"They are probably similar to Colorado from the standpoint of the strength they have in their running game," said McWilliams, "but they throw the ball better."

The Texas Aggies (8-2-1) started the year on Sept. 1 against Hawaii, where they won 28-13. That gives them something in common with the BYU Cougars, who will finish the year this Sat., Dec. 1, against Hawaii.


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Former President Ronald Reagan, to the captains of the USC and Notre Dame football teams after flipping the coin prior to the start of their game last Saturday in the L.A. Coliseum: "Win one for the flipper."