People who use credit cards to purchase tickets through the Salt Palace box office no longer will have to pay extra, officials say.

Instead, promoters who stage events at the facility will have to pay the fee of about 2 percent per credit-card purchase. If the promoter refuses, the Salt Palace will not allow customers to use credit cards for that event. The fee is needed to pay the fee credit-card companies charge for their services.David Meek, who recently was named Salt Palace manager when Spectacor signed a contract to manage the county facility, said he is negotiating with promoters on the final charge. "I think that ought to be passed on as a cost of doing business," he said, noting the charge is standard at many facilities.

Previously, the county charged customers anywhere from $1 to 10 percent of the ticket price to cover credit-card costs.

While some customers will save money, people who purchase tickets over the phone will still have to pay extra, Meek said. The charge - $1 per ticket for tickets costing $10 or less and $1.50 for tickets costing more - will be used to pay the operating costs of a phone room.

Larry Meyer, county administrative services director, said customers are told the telephone purchase will cost extra and are given the option of buying tickets in person. The telephone surcharge is nothing new. The county temporarily had discontinued the practice while reviewing the credit-card policy.

"They're buying convenience," Meek said.