Thanksgiving is over for another year, but the memories of the tussle many people had in getting the turkey out of the oven and onto a platter remain.

In many houses, it took several people, armed with spatulas and forks, to lift the succulent bird from the roaster pan to a board for carving.Having had this type of trouble in the past, Darrell Nielson, 4938 S. 4980 West, a 64-year-old retiree from Hill Air Force Base, designed, with his wife, a device to help people lift hot turkeys from the pan.

Nielson, who worked at HAFB for 33 years and was a jet engine tester when he retired in 1982, has applied for a patent with the U.S. Patent Office, but until the patent is secured, he won't allow a Deseret News photographer to snap a picture of the device.

Each Thanksgiving, Nielson has performed the turkey-from-the-oven ritual for his family and decided to invent something that would make it easier to handle a well-done turkey that tended to fall apart when moved.

Using some metal, it took him about two hours to put the device together, and it is the only one in existence. He calls it the Universal Turkey Lift and Meat Tender.

The device is placed under the turkey while cooking and makes basting easy. It can be used for hams, ribs and roasts, any meat that sits in a hot pan to cook.

Nielson said his grandson told him about National Idea Center, Washington, D.C., and they drew a turkey lift on a computer and sent it to the center for review. The Idea Center was interested, so Nielson hired the organization to act as a publicity and licensing agent while working directly with licensed registered patent attorneys, engineers, technical writers and graphic artists.

Not having the equipment to mass-produce more turkey lifts, Nielson hopes somebody will get interested in producing and marketing his idea.