Utah's congressional delegation voted wrong most of the time in 1990 on issues of interest to the American Federation of Teachers.

In a recent issue of American Teacher, the union's publication, representatives and senators were rated on 10 issues considered by the respective houses that the AFT believes to be important.Wayne Owens, Utah's only Democratic representative, voted "right" 50 percent of the time, the AFT reported. Republicans Jim Hansen and Howard Nielson both voted "wrong" nine times out of 10.

In the Senate, Orrin Hatch voted in favor of the union position twice and Jake Garn only once.

Among measures supported by the union in the House were suggestions for increased education funding, more liberal child care provisions, a hike in the minimum wage and increased support for the National Endowment for Democracy.

In the Senate, the AFT pushed for legislation that would enhance creation of a national board to set standards for teachers and provide voluntary certification for those teachers who desired it. The Senate did not support major funding requests for the proposed board.