A public hearing scheduled for Thursday to air the findings of a committee reviewing the Davis County paramedic service has been canceled because the committee's report isn't ready yet.

The three-member committee was named in October by the county's Council of Governments to examine the paramedic service, funded by a property tax levy and operated through the county sheriff's department.Council members asked the committee to look at the paramedic service, its funding and costs, and determine if it should stay in the sheriff's department or be turned over to local fire departments.

The committee was charged with preparing the report for delivery to the council members Monday and to the public in a hearing on Thursday. But committee members are apparently finding the issue is more complex than council members anticipated and more time is needed for the review.

The committee's appointment came under harsh attack two weeks ago from members of the county emergency medical services council, which is made up of police, fire and sheriff department medical supervisors, along with local hospital administrators and emergency room doctors.

The emergency medical services council oversees the county's paramedic and emergency medical technician programs and voted to send committee members and Council of Governments a letter rebuking them for interfering with the emergency medical services council's mission.

The council has been overseeing the emergency medical technician and paramedic programs for almost a decade, including the issues of consolidation of services and communications, and council members say they resent the interference of the Council of Governments and commissioners, charging the issue is being politicized.