Furniture for the new $20 million justice complex in Davis County will cost $235,000 instead of $280,000, county commissioners were told Wednesday.

Although that is a savings, the county only has $150,000 in its construction budget for furniture and will have to come up with an additional $85,000.Administrative services director Vernon Griffeth told the commissioners two weeks ago that the furniture specified by the project's architect would run between $280,000 and $285,000, well above the $150,000 in the project's budget.

The commissioners balked at the estimate and asked Griffeth to see how much of the furniture currently being used in the county Sheriff's Department and attorney's office could be transferred to the new building.

Griffeth reported Wednesday that about $23,000 can be saved by using furniture from the county attorney's office and almost $45,000 can be cut from the purchase list by moving the sheriff's office furniture into the new building.

Additional cuts can be made by ordering a lower quality of furniture, Griffeth said. But new secretarial and computer work stations will have to be purchased because the building is designed around them, Griffeth said.

Commissioner Robert Rose, a vocal critic two weeks ago of the proposed furniture purchase, said he's satisfied that as much of the usable furniture as possible will be moved into the new facility.

Commissioner Dub Lawrence, who favored buying new furniture, said he, too, is satisfied with the cutbacks. Lawrence, who served as county sheriff 15 years ago, said the current sheriff is using the same desk and office furniture that he had.

And the rest of the county's furniture is also getting worn out, Lawrence said, pointing to the frayed arms of the commissioners' chairs.

Purchase of the $235,000 in new furniture was approved unanimously.