Utah County must receive approval from bond insurers and trustees before it can use about $2 million in bond money to renovate the old County Courthouse.

When the county bonded for about $29 million to construct the County Administration Building and the State Regional Office Building, $1.8 million was set aside for remodeling the old County Courthouse for housing the 4th District Court and Provo's 4th Circuit Court. But the Commission later decided not to use the building for the courts.The courts are now housed in the 4th District Judicial Center constructed by Provo City, and the old County Courthouse is vacant. Commissioners likely will decide Wednesday what to do with the vacant building.

But because the original bond agreement called for the $1.8 million to go toward remodeling the building for court use, deputy county attorney Guy Burningham said the county must have consent from bond holders before using the money to remodel the building for other purposes.

He said the county should be able to modify the bonds if the building's use does not affect the county's ability to repay the bonds and the use of building is restricted to non-profit and quasi-governmental organizations. If the county is unable to modify the bond, it will have to obtain another bond to finance the remodeling.