A 38-year-old Ogden man was arraigned Monday on a charge of second-degree felony manslaughter in the death of his live-in girlfriend's 7-month-old son.

Mel P. Gallegos appeared before 2nd Circuit Judge Phillip H. Browning, who scheduled a preliminary hearing for Dec. 4. Bail was set at $5,000.The child, Adam Quade Anderson, was dead when brought into McKay-Dee Hospital on Sunday morning by Gallegos and the child's mother, according to a police report.

An autopsy was planned by the state medical examiner.

The police report said hospital personnel called police after they said they overheard a man talking to the child's mother about "what to say about what happened."

Police said Gallegos told them he was alone with the child Sunday morning when the boy began crying. He took the child into the kitchen with him, according to a police report.

To calm the child, Gallegos said he began to playfully toss him into the air, something that had been successful before, police said.

Then he said he bumped the handle on the frying pan, which he said distracted him and caused him to lose his grip on the child. The police report said he told officers he caught the child just before the boy hit the ground, stomach facing upward, causing the infant's head to snap back slightly, possibly striking the floor.

The child's mother, Joyce R. Anderson, 25, told police she had never seen Gallegos be physically abusive with the child. But the police report said she told officers she had seen him lose his temper at the baby's crying, yelling at her to "Shut that kid up."