Two-time indoor long jump champion Larry Myricks had his possible lifetime ban for a doping violation commuted to a one-year suspension Monday by the Executive Committee of The Athletic Congress.

The committee announced its decision on the eve of TAC's annual meeting, accepting the recommendation of a TAC reinstatement panel.Myricks, 34, of Upland, Calif., tested positive for the stimulant phenylpropanolomine at the U.S. Indoor Championships in New York on Feb. 24. Subsequently, it was announced he tested positive for the same substance at a Jan. 12 meet in Hamilton, Ontario, and a Feb. 27 meet in Spain.

Myricks claimed he was taking a prescription drug for a cold and shouldn't have been suspended.

Myricks, the 1988 Olympic bronze medalist in the long jump, was originally suspended for three months but faced a lifetime ban from track after applying directly for reinstatement rather than going through the hearing process.