Alta View Hospital-COLTON, Jared and Kimberly, West Jordan, girl.

DANIELS, Karl and Daleen, Manti, boy.

ELDRIDGE, Peter and Julie, Sandy, girl.

LUCERO, Jerald and Cherie, Murray, boy.

LYM, David and Terry, Sandy, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

CUSHING, Mark and Diane, Salt Lake, boy.

DALLING, Roger and Kerry, Midvale, girl.

DOXEY, Todd and Linda, Salt Lake, boy.

EDSALL, Shawn and Teresa, West Valley, girl.

HERMANSEN, Steven and Jodi, Salt Lake, boy.

LARSEN, Michael Scott and Kristine, Orem, boy.

HOLLINGSHEAD, Steven and Debra, Salt Lake, boy.

MENDENHALL, Damon and Cheryl, Salt Lake, boy.

NEWBY, David and Jackie, Salt Lake, girl.

WINES, Michelle, Salt Lake, boy.

Lakeview Hospital-

DENNIS, Neil P. and Camille H., Murray, boy.

NEWTON, Clay Robert and Kathryn T., Bountiful, boy.

LDS Hospital-

AUSTIN, David and Sherrie, boy.

BROWN, Darren C. and Natalie, boy.

FORSGREN, Robert B. and Cindy, girl.

GHERSI, Richardo and Darla, girl.

HOLDT, Michael D. and Beckey, girl.

JENSEN, Darrin L. and Lori, boy.

MEIK, Shawn T. and Brooke, girl.

MIYOSHI, Hirofumi and Yasuyo, boy.

REISH, Todd D. and Ellen Marie, girl.

THOMAS, Norman D. and Karen, boy.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

BENSON, Cynthia, West Valley, boy.

CARTER, Saun and Carmen, Salt Lake, girl.

CRISWELL, John and Heather, Midvale, boy.

DUPIN, Richard and Terri, Taylorsville, boy.

EAGLIN, Laura, and EVANS, Frank, West Valley, girl.

FUENTES, Frank and Kerry, West Valley, boy.

KIMBER, Doug and JoyLyn, West Valley, girl.

McCOY, Michael and Kalleen, West Valley, girl.

SCHULTZ, William and Tracy, Murray, girl.

TROWER, Bill and Laurie, Midvale, girl.

WILSON, Ray and Mary, Lake Point, boy.

WINCH, Tracy Lynn, Kearns, girl.

WOODBURY, Doug and Lora, West Valley, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

BAZINET, Michael and Deborah, West Valley, girl.

BONE, Gerald and Melissa, Salt Lake, boy.

CHAVEZ, Javier and Parmjeet, Salt Lake, boy.

CREW, Hal and Michelle, West Jordan, boy.

MENLOVE, Kevin and Mary, Salt Lake, boy.

PROVOST, Cory and Datarie, Park City, boy.

SMITH, James and Pamela, West Jordan, girl.

STRINGER, Loren and Katherine, Salt Lake, boy.

University Hospital-

DRAGE, Bradley and Tracey, girl.

HUTCHINS, Kari and Salina, boy.

PRESSLEY, Michael and Anita, boy.

MARBLE, Dwight and Sharon, girl.

NISH, Dallin and Susana, girl.

NORRA-ESBENSHADE, Dr. John and Sylvette, boy.

TAYLOR, Brian and Leslie, boy.

THOMPSON, Dan and Karen, boy.

WARKENTIN, Dean and Kathryn, boy.

WILCOX, Jerome and Cheryl, girl.