Concerned about an earthquake? An insurance group suggests you take a look at your house's foundation, your water heater and the trees in your yard.

Taking in a supply of fresh batteries isn't such a bad idea, either, and someone in the family should know first aid, the Illinois Insurance Information Service says."Whether the prediction of a major earthquake occurs or not - and most experts agree it is impossible to predict the exact date of such an occurrence - the IIIS and the Department of Insurance believe now is the time to inform the public as fully as possible," IIIS Executive Director Ken Towers said.

The agency recommended:

- A family emergency plan and first-aid training.

- Bolting down water heaters and strapping them to a wall.

- Checking with a builder or architect to be sure frame houses are firmly anchored to foundations.

- Inspecting chimneys and protecting against bricks shaking loose and falling into the house.

- Securing tall furniture, mirrors, picture frames, hanging plants, lamps and the like.

- Securing cabinet doors, perhaps with child-proof latches, to prevent them from swinging open.

- Installing flexible connectors for gas lines.

- Making sure someone knows how to shut off gas, water and electricity.

- Removing trees that are leaning over buildings or are weak and likely to fall.

- Obtaining fresh batteries for radios, flashlights and other emergency equipment.