The sale of a device called PetroMizer has apparently run out of gas in Idaho.

The state has obtained court orders against Advanced Automotive Technologies Inc., an Arizona-based company, and its two owners, Robert Morrison and Frank Sarcone, prohibiting the sale in Idaho of PetroMizer for false advertising, Idaho Attorney General Jim Jones said.The defendants reportedly had claimed PetroMizer would substantially increase fuel savings and horsepower and reduce hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions.

Also, the company's ads claimed endorsements from the U.S. Army, the Westchester, N.Y., police department and Chrysler Corp.

"All of these claims are false," Jones said.

Jones said the state's consumer protection unit contacted the Army, Chrysler and the Westchester police department.

"The police department stated that the ad's claims are false and that the department did not realize any gas savings with use of the device," Jones said. "The United States Army never officially tested the device and does not endorse PetroMizer in any way. Chrysler has never even tested the device."

Jones said the consumer protection unit had also contacted chemical and mechanical engineering experts, who "all concur that the defendants' claims are unsubstantiated and nothing more than pseudoscientific babble."

The attorney general called the company's claims "remarkably misleading and deceptive."

Jones said Idaho residents who have bought PetroMizer who want a refund should contact his office. He also cautioned consumers about all energy-related claims and ads.

"Because of the crisis in the Middle East and the astronomical rise in gasoline retail prices, Idaho consumers can expect to be the recipients of similar unsubstantiated energy-related promotions in the future," Jones said. "The best protection against such sales promotions is to investigate the promotion thoroughly before purchasing, and also to remember the age-old adage that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."