Work was continuing at this southern Utah community, where town officials hoped running water could be restored Monday to some 330 residents.

The town has been without running water since last Tuesday when a pump went out on the city's only well.Dan Blake, an engineer with the Bureau of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Utah Department of Health, said he talked Monday morning with Elizabeth Joseph, the city's attorney and a wife of Mayor Alex Joseph.

Blake said officials reported that work was continuing to install a new pump and casing for the well. He said officials hope that the well would be operational by Monday noon.

Blake said the city, located along U.S. 89 about 15 miles from Page, Ariz., has had difficulty getting pipe for a pump column, which carries water from the well.

"Apparently the old pump column was rusty, and (officials) decided they would replace it" while the pump was being replaced, he said.

While the work is being done, the city received another shipment of water from Page Saturday. The first tanker of water arrived Wednesday evening from Arizona.

Although officials in the state bureau have not visited the site, Blake said he believes the problem is being resolved.

Blake said Wayne Thomas, a district engineer from the state environmental health division and who works in the St. George area, was out of town last week but was notified of the situation Monday morning.

Also, Blake said Kevin Cox, a certified operator of the town water system, is advising city officials on how to disinfect hauled water supplies. He also is advising the city on the proper method to reintroduce the well back into the system once the repairs are made.