Age: 54

Born: Lehi

Family: Wife, Renee; children, Leesa, 34; Cindy, 33; Steve, 30; Paul, 26; nine grandchildren.

Education: Jordan High, 1954; some college courses.

Occupation: Land surveyor


Size: 16 square miles

Population: 3,000

Budget: General fund, $286,000

Number of employees: Two full-time, one part-time

Mayor's salary: $200 per month


Politics: Leans Republican

First "real" job: Doing maintenance work for National Guard just out of high school.

Management style: Pick qualified people, assign them their duties and let them do their jobs.

Why I like being mayor: Feeling of accomplishment, of doing something for the community. Got involved when Bluffdale decided it needed a new water system and better fire protection, which resulted in incorporation of Bluffdale in 1978. The number of fire hydrants increased from three to 150, and the town's fire rating significantly improved. Been mayor ever since. "I like being of service."

Why I hate being mayor: Every issue has two sides, and choosing one always makes the other side unhappy. "In a community as small as Bluffdale, you know everybody and you hate to disappoint anyone. But the mayor has to make those decisions; it's my job."

Recipe for success: Keep the community informed and involve people in the policymaking process. "That's what makes government click." In Bluffdale, people work together and contribute time and effort to local projects - such as building City Hall - because they are involved in those projects from the start. "That's been the reason for our success."

A memorable failure: A recycling effort that was thwarted by unfavorable economics. People worked hard to make it work, but there was no market for the materials generated by the community. "The market failed, not the people."

Heroes: Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant. "Under the circumstances they faced, they were great generals, good soldiers. I've always idolized them."

Leisure: "Spending time with my wife." Also, managing summer fast-pitch softball team, and hunting and fishing.

Favorite book or movie: "Winchester '73"