Nine southern Utah counties have received more than $123,000 as their portions of Fishlake National Forest receipts, according to J. Kent Taylor, forest supervisor.

Sevier County was by far the largest recipient, getting $56,882.54.Other counties and the amounts they received are Millard, 426,459.07; Piute, $16,267.08; Wayne, $6,974.40; Juab, $1,846.89; Garfield, $288.75; Iron, $198.04; and Sanpete, $164.67.

Taylor said the payments are especially beneficial to sparsely populated counties that contain large acreages of tax-exempt federal lands. "The payments help offset the loss of revenue from federal lands and help provide such services as roads and funds for schools."

While forest lands provide important recreation and economic opportunities, the tax-exempt status of the federal lands can also have fiscal impacts on the counties, Taylor said.