Age: 34.Where born: Cincinnati, Ohio.

Family: Wife Claudette and son Daniel C.

Education: University of Cincinnati: Bachelor of Sciences in accounting, 1978, and Master's of Business Administration, 1982. Xavier University, Master's of Healthcare Administration, 1982.

Primary products: Full spectrum of health-care services.

Primary markets: Wasatch Front.

Number of employees: 2,500.

Annual sales: $170 million.


First "real" job: Vice president of medical staff and ambulatory services, St. Joseph's Medical Center, South Bend, Ind.

Management style: Open communications, participative management, motivate and enable people to succeed.

Strategy for success: Keep values paramount, surround myself with talented staff, listen and be visible and make sure work is fun and challenging.

A memorable failure: As a freshman in college, I was more interested in living to the fullest than in studying. This resulted in a low grade-point average that took three hard years of studying to overcome.

Heroes: Sisters of the Holy Cross and St. Benedict and my father.

Leisure time and hobbies: Family, golf, skiing and scuba diving.

Favorite movie: "Dead Poet's Society."