Fall-quarter enrollment at the Southeastern Utah Center for Continuing Education is equal to the 1988 rec-ord, according to a USU official.

The total number of credits carried by registered students is slightly ahead of any previous quarter, he said. The total number of credit hours being generated is 1,614.Center director H.K. Hancock said 52 classes are in session and 520 people have registered this fall. There are 30 credit classes in session, with 395 regular students and 125 taking courses via Com-net, a television hookup that links students to the university. The director said 329 students are enrolled in upper-division and graduate-level classes.

The Utah communities where classes are held are Moab, Monticello, LaSal, Green River, Wellington, Price, Helper, Sunnyside, Clawson, Cleveland, Elmo, Huntington, Ferron, Castle Dale, Orangeville and Emery. Classes are also held in Paradox, Colo.