The Manti Destiny Committee is now embarking on the second phase of a project that has as its goal further developments in the Temple Hill area at this city's north entrance.

The committee proposes to purchase private property in the right angle/triangle formed by the intersection of First East and Highway 89 and develop a pioneer museum and gardens in the area."Our purpose for the project is historic preservation of the pioneer story and its values and the enhancement of one of Manti's most significant areas because it contains the Pioneer Memorial, the Manti Cemetery and the Manti Temple on its perimeter," explained Jane Braithwaite, chairman of the Destiny Committee 15-member board.

She said the committee is now negotiating the purchase of an older trailer court and one - possibly two homes - in the triangle.

One home will be converted into a museum that will contain films, tapes, slides, books, pictures and pioneer artifacts. The second house, if it can be obtained, and the trailer court buildings will be razed.

The land will then be landscaped and gardens developed, according to Braithwaite.

"In general, we can be proud of the city's north entrance," Braithwaite said. "But in some ways," she added, "the property we expect to acquire is a blight on the area. It detracts from our otherwise impressive north entrance."

The first phase of the Destiny Committee project features Avard Fairbanks' sculpture, "The Mortal Moroni," a sculpture based on the legend that Moroni, a Book of Mormon character, once visited the Temple Hill site.

Funds for the second phase are being raised mainly by means of a brochure titled, "Garden of Treasures" and a 30-minute video produced by KBYU-TV. Both tell of the Sanpete pioneer experience and values and describe the scope of the project.