Massachusetts Gov. Michael S. Dukakis plans a trip to the sunny, other side of the world when he leaves office in January.

Dukakis said he and his wife, Kitty, will travel to Australia and Hawaii for 4 1/2 months. The two will lecture, study public health policy and relax on sunny beaches.Dukakis has accepted a visiting professorship at the University of Hawaii for the spring semester and will speak on health policy, elective office and public service. The outgoing governor says he has no plans for a full-time job after May but may teach part-time.

"We're both anxious to try a life that is less structured, less scheduled," Dukakis said in an interview published Sunday.

Both Dukakises have signed with an agent to book speaking engagements.

Dukakis, the defeated Democratic presidential candidate, did not seek another term as Massachussetts governor. He will be succeeded by Republican William Weld in January.