With American Airlines pulling out of Idaho Falls, airplane seats will be harder to find and probably more expensive in the city.

An American Airlines regional manager told employees Wednesday that the airline would be cutting its Idaho Falls service beginning Jan. 7 because of high fuel costs.Lise Olson, an American spokeswoman in Dallas, said American is reviewing its entire route system and cutting its service to several cities across the country. But Idaho Falls is the only city to lose all its American service.

Olson said a 1-cent increase in the cost of jet fuel raises American's operating costs by $25 million. The price of jet fuel has jumped from 59 cents a gallon in August to $1.10 in November.

Olson said another factor in the decision to cut back is that other route changes in the American system have left no aircraft available for the Idaho Falls connections.

Tom Silvester of Murdock Travel in Idaho Falls said American has kept Idaho Falls air fares competitive and "pretty reasonable." But with American gone, Delta Airlines, the only other major carrier serving the city, will be less likely to offer discounted fares, he said.