The days of getting into a freezing cold car in the dead of winter, or a mobile oven in a heat wave, could soon be over.

A small technology company near Toronto has developed a radio system that allows drivers to switch on car heaters or air conditioning from up to 2,000 feet away, even with buildings separating them from their vehicles.The device can switch on headlights to help find your car in a dark parking lot, blast the horn to scare away vandals and unlock the doors for a fast getaway in an emergency.

"This is much more than an automatic car starter," Martin Gold, marketing director for Remote Automation & Control Electronics Inc., told Reuters.

The system has an alarm that sounds and pages the driver if anyone tampers with the car. It will switch off the ignition if someone tries to start the car without a key, and has an emission sensor that cuts the engine if it idles in an enclosed area.

The system, called Remote Key, comprises of a control box under the dashboard or seat and a hand-held controller with a seven-digit code that is impossible to crack with another two-way radio, Gold said.

But such luxury and security doesn't come cheap at a cost of $C1,495 ($1,395) installed.

The company already has several orders and plans to produce 5,000 units initially.