A study that South Jordan officials hope will bring $100,000 to the city for reconstruction of a road, new curbs and gutters and storm drainage improvements has been approved by the city council.

City Administrator Richard N. Warne said the city is seeking a grant from the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development to eliminate a blight area in the city. The project must serve an area of low- or moderate-income families, and to this end the city is seeking a grant for the area of 755 South near 22nd West.The study will outline needs in the area and establish that the area meets guidelines for such federal aid. Warne said the money requested will be used only for the proposed off-site improvements and that no money will be available for housing rehabilitation or other similar uses. He said the intent of the effort is to preserve the area's residential character and that it is not anticipated that the improvements will create pressure for commercial or other types of development in the area.