Schoolchildren crossing 104th South at 13th West in South Jordan will not get the benefit of flashing warning lights this school year.

Lt. Dale Shaw told the South Jordan City Council Tuesday that state transportation officials will not approve the signs because the crossing has regular traffic signals and because a crossing guard is present at the location. The state has also indicated it will not post reduced speed signs at the location because the reduction would be 10 mph or less.Councilman Ted W. Sandstrom said he is infuriated over the matter, not because of the state action, which is following established policy, but because Jordan School District officials failed to respond to several city requests for comment on plans for the intersection last year.

The intersection was created by a new road link between the 106th South I-15 interchange and the extension of 104th South. The link jogs to the south just after it passes over the Jordan River.

Sandstrom said the city made numerous requests of the Jordan Board of Education to meet with city officials to determine how best to handle student traffic in the area once the link was complete. He said rather than sitting down with the city to discuss the potential problem and to explore solutions, the board continually refused to comment.

Sandstrom said he recognizes that it is not the school district that is complaining about current conditions; rather, it is the parents of students attending South Jordan Elementary. But, Sandstrom said, it is the district's unwillingness to sit down and discuss the matter initially that has led to the current situation.

"They (the school board) should have been responsive to these concerns long before they surfaced and caused the problems we now have," said Sandstrom.

Council member Merlynn Newbold said she is not ready to give in to the state rulings and indicated she will continue to meet with transportation officials to try and find a better solution. Shaw said he too will participate in the efforts with the state.