The Mt. Pleasant Historical Preservation Commission has undertaken a survey of 375 structures within the city to determine which buildings qualify for nomination to the National Historic Registry.

Wayne Balle, a Bountiful architect with experience in preservation, has been employed to conduct the initial survey.Balle said he expected to find "hidden treasures."

"I hope," he said, "to find something no one else has seen."

He will photograph the 375 structures as the first step in documenting which ones could qualify for a landmark registry in Mt. Pleasant and for possible nomination to the National Historic Registry.

After the initial survey is completed, a more intensive survey will be conducted on the buildings considered eligible for the registries.

That means they must be at least 50 years old and have retained their historic integrity. Their qualifications for nomination must be documented before the process can be started.

The survey is an element in an on-going historic preservation process that has already succeeded in getting the Wasatch Academy District and the Main Street Business District included on the National Historic Register.

The Main Street Business District, which includes a number of buildings dating back to the 1890s, is now being renovated.

The dual purpose of the ongoing program is economic development and historic preservation, city officials say.