Maoist rebels have killed a leader of Peru's opposition Christian Democratic Party, shooting him three times after submitting him to a "revolutionary trial."

Javier Puiggros Planas, considered one of Peru's top agricultural experts, was killed after some 50 Shining Path rebels invaded his farm Friday in the town of Huaura, near the Pacific coast 80 miles north of Lima.The guerrillas also killed an agricultural engineer and destroyed farm machinery in the series of attacks Friday. Three rebels were later killed in a shootout with police, police said Saturday.

The rebels led Puiggros before a group of fieldhands and accused him of exploiting his workers. They then shot him in the chest, stomach and head, police said. The rebels often put people on mock trials before killing them.

The rebels, led by a woman, arrived in a truck that normally brings workers to Puiggros' farm.

After killing Puiggros, the rebels burned tractors and buildings on his farm.