Salina is facing the threat of $10,000 per day in penalties from the Utah Bureau of Air Quality because citizens continue the illegal practice of burning trash and debris at the city's landfill.

City officials were warned after an inspection by the bureau, receiving a notice of violation with the threat of the civil penalty. Attention was called to community waste disposal regulations that state, "No open burning shall be done at the sites used for disposal of community trash, garbage and other wastes . . . "The mayor and the City Council were told that landfill operations must be brought into compliance with state standards. They were given 15 days in which to submit a compliance plan to the bureau.

Compliance specifics include how the city plans to comply with the regulation section, date the plan will be completed, and the date disposal site procedures will be in compliance. The notice becomes final in 30 days if the city doesn't appeal the alleged violation.

"A staff member will be contacting you to arrange a meeting to discuss this violation and any penalties which may be assessed," the notice stated. City officials were invited to address any further questions to the Utah Air Conservation Committee, Central Utah District Health Department, the Environmental Protection Agency regional headquarters or the Air Quality Bureau.

Meanwhile, Mayor Nyals Andreason and City Council members appealed to those who use the landfill not to burn anything at the site to avoid the city having to pay substantial penalties.