Tax levy charts were not mailed with property tax notices that have been sent to Sevier County taxpayers this year, according to Leda Jensen, county treasurer. Receipts will not be mailed either unless requested.

Jensen said levy charts may be obtained from the treasurer's office in Room 106 in the courthouse in Richfield. Those who want receipts must send a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with the complete tax notice and payment of taxes.The Sevier School District will get the bulk of Sevier County taxpayers' money, with the levy set at 0.008175, Jensen noted. The county levy is 0.008175. Those living in incorporated communities are also assessed for local governments.

Richfield residents will pay about double the tax levy as residents of cities with the next highest levies. For general operations, debt service and special improvements, Richfield taxpayers will pay 0.004257 for city property taxes in addition to the county, schools and Central Utah Project levies.

Koosharem residents will pay the least of any community in property taxes. That levy is 0.000970.

Other communities and assessments are Aurora, 0.002622; Monroe, 0.002592; Salina, 0.002534; Redmond, 0.002370; Elsinore, 0.002193; Annabella, 0.001706. Glenwood, 0.001462; Sigurd, 0.001362; and Joseph, 0.001115.

Jensen reminded county residents and businesses that the deadline for paying taxes is noon Nov. 30. After that date, there will be a $10 minimum penalty for each land parcel where taxes of up to $500 are due, with an additional 2 percent penalty for amounts exceeding that figure. Interest at 6 percent above the federal discount rate as of Jan. 1 will be tacked on to delinquent tax bills after Jan. 15.