Independent book dealers are independent minded. Ask 10 different stores to recommend a book for Christmas (as we did) and you get 10 wide-ranging choices - from an $8.95 self-help paperback to lavish art books.

Following are 10 capsulized looks at possible Christmas gifts suggested by independent bookstores in the area.A WOMAN'S PLACE (1400 S. Foothill Drive) recommends: "Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much"; by Anne Wilson Schaes; Harper; $8.95 (paper).

"Most women are overextended," says store manager Sally Smith, "so they buy this book for themselves, then they buy it for everyone they know."

A handbook of sorts, "Meditations" offers a few thoughts for each day of the year. Author Schaes has a Ph.D. and lives in Boulder, Colo. She's also the author of several no-nonsense books, and she doesn't pull any punches here.

"It's a very insightful and human book," says Smith, "and it has legs. Copies of it just seem to walk out of our store."

COSMIC AEROPLANE BOOKS (258 E. 100 South) recommends: "Iron John"; by Robert Bly; Addison-Wesley; 259 pages; $18.95.

If "Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much" is a woman's book,O then "Iron John" is for men having a hard time defining the genders. Written by poet Robert Bly, the book bills itself as an attempt to find the proper perspective between the "macho male" and the "super-sensitive male."

Store employee Roger Nelson bills it this way: "For me, Bly's attempts to find the `truth' about men in myth and metaphor is both fresh and refreshing. Bly does not lie."

Adds store manager Robin Poulter, "When we got the book in, it sold right out."

DESERET BOOK (ZCMI Mall, downtown) recommends: "The Art of Bev Doolittle"; Bantam; 160 pages; $60.

Bev Doolittle is likely the hottest Western artist today. Her scenes of life in the rugged American outback are both realistic and romantic. She loves to entice the reader by using camouflage and other devices. One of her prints has passed the $8 million mark in sales. Most sell for about $2,500.

Says Boyd Ware of Deseret Book, "This is a fine book. It talks about each painting, the concepts behind it. There are even early sketches to show how the painting evolved. And the reproductions of her prints are amazing."

FROST BOOKS (1320 Foothill Drive) recommends: "The Wild Christmas Reindeer"; by Jan Brett; Putnam; $14.95.

This is a children's picture book that Miriam Anderson at Frost calls "simply wonderful."

"There are borders within the pictures and many details," she says. "It's basically the retelling of an old Nordic tale.' I'll be telling someone at the counter about it and another person will overhear and say `I've just got to have that book.' " SAM WELLER ZION BOOK (254 S. Main) recommends: "There's a Country in my Cellar"; by Russell Baker; Morrow; $20.95; 432.

Russell Baker, the columnist for the New York Times, has won two Pulitzers; one for his column and one for his touching autobiography, "Growing Up." A sane and civil writer with a wry wit and often quirky perspective, Baker may turn out to be one of the "quiet giants" when history begins to judge writers of our era. This is the latest collection of his columns.

"Baker is one of my favorites," says Sam Weller. "He says things that not everyone will like, but his opinion is always valuable."