I-70 is expected to be completed in Utah within two years, but that will require completion of five projects from the Fremont Junction in Sevier County to Rattlesnake Bench in Emery County.

Bids have been opened for one of the sections, and others will be called for within about a month.About the time these projects are completed, another - between Richfield and Sigurd - will be completed. Currently, the section is being prepared for surfacing.

Ron Lewis Construction of Moapa, Nev., was the apparent low bidder at $12,175,090 for a 6.3-mile section of the freeway from Devil's Canyon to Ghost Rock. It calls for grading, installation of drainage facilities and surfacing. An interchange at Moore also will be constructed. The only section of I-70 in Utah that hasn't been opened to traffic is the eight-mile stretch near Richfield. About 46 miles in eastern Sevier County and western Emery County are currently two lanes and have been in use for many years.

A Utah Department of Transportation spokesman said widening of existing eastbound lanes and construction of new westbound lanes are planned between Fremont Junction and Devil's Canyon.

Three other sections of the freeway and a bridge over Eagle Canyon are expected to be put out for bid within the next month. The sections include Fremont Junction to Muddy Creek, 10.6 miles; Muddy Creek to Devil's Canyon, 12.9 miles; and Ghost Rock to Rattlesnake Bench, 16.3 miles.