Today's topic for the final exam in your Brigham Young University course of Modern Campus History 101 is the recent cancellation of the annual Miss BYU scholarship pageant, which doubles as the homecoming queen contest.

Use the following facts in completing the final exam.FACTS: The executive council of BYUSA, the student government, last month announced the dropping of the program, saying that the scholarship pageant suffers from implied association with beauty pageants. BYU administrators asked to review the decision. The review, however, was undertaken only to become better informed of the situation, since several key administrators were out of town when the decision was reached and made public and could not answer inquiries from concerned individuals who called them. The BYUSA leaders have since decided to review the decision once more.

QUESTIONS: TRUE OR FALSE (10 points each) 1. The real reason the Miss BYU scholarship pageant didn't include a swimsuit competition was because all the outfits were being used at the Richards Building pool.

2. A plaque honoring the annual Miss BYU says the individual is selected because she has the qualities that "represent the best in young womenhood" at BYU.

3. Sharlene Wells may have been Utah's own Triple Crown winner - Miss BYU, Miss Utah and Miss America. However, her Miss BYU title did not qualify her for the Miss Utah contest because the BYU pageant was not affiliated with or recognized by the Miss America pageant.

4. Eleanor Roosevelt was once crowned Miss BYU.

5. Several decades ago, the Miss BYU scholarship pageant was combined with the old "Belle of the Y" contest, a club-sponsored pageant created in the post-World War II years to repair the cracked Y Bell.

MULTIPLE GUESS (25 points each) 1. The decision to drop the Miss BYU scholarship pageant was made by: A) BYUSA, the student government; B) the BYU administration; C) a vote of the student body; D) sore losers from previous pageants; E) mothers whose children are all boys; F) all of the above.

2. Careers resulting from being selected Miss BYU include: A) a television news anchor at a Salt Lake City station; B) a recently hired ESPN employee to broadcast segments on high school and other minor sports; C) the wife of a Salt Lake County commissioner whose political future may be uncertain after a nighttime arrest; D) the former wife of a former BYU and NFL quarterback; E) a wife and mother; E) all of the above.

3. When canceling the Miss BYU scholarship pageant, the BYU student government announced plans to introduce a new contest to fill the void. The annual competition will be called: A) Student of the Year; B) Bride of Frankenstein; C) Jell-O Salad Bake-off; D) What's My Major; E) Fiancee for a Day; F) Dialing Home for Dollars; G) Roommates Feud; H) all of the above.

4. One reason that the Miss BYU scholarship pageant was dropped was because of its implied association with beauty pageants and their preoccupation with: A) physical appearance; B) physical science; C) physical therapy; D) physical exams; E) physical education; F) all of the above.

5. The element most essential to winning the Miss BYU scholarship pageant is to have: A) poofy hair; B) a dress with lots of sequins; C) a talent other than hopscotch or belching the Cougar Fight Song; D) a desire to either save the world from incurable diseases or go into a broadcasting career; E) flossed teeth; F) all of the above.

6. The most important Miss BYU responsibility is to: A) give away the crown the following year; B) add the title to your resume; C) don't stab your heels through the red carpet during halftime ceremonies; D) remind everyone you meet that you won a scholarship pageant and not a beauty pageant; E) wave to the 65,000 people attending the homecoming game as if you are personally acquainted with each one; F) get your portrait taken and have it hung on the third floor of the Wilkinson Center where it will be seen only by freshmen who are lost and wandering around in a daze; G) all of the above.

ESSAY (100 points available) Describe any apparent associations between the cancellation of the Miss BYU pageant, the drought plaguing the Midwest, the proposed cease-fire between Iran and Iraq, and the fact that 1988 is an Olympic year. Be sure to use the Theory of Relativity, pi (3.1416), a four-generation genealogy chart and the NBA ban against zone defenses in calculating any such associations. Use the back if necessary.

ANSWERS: Sure, BYU is governed by an honor code. But you didn't think that we would give you the opportunity to cheat, did you?