Polish presidential candidate Lech Walesa was quoted Friday as saying he expects new unrest in his homeland.

In an interview in Die Welt, a respected Bonn newspaper, the Solidarity leader predicted a "big struggle" because "our reforms are not making progress."There are still no private owners," he was quoted as saying. "The majority of businesses are still in state hands."

On Sunday Walesa challenges Prime Minister Tadeusz Mazowiecki, a former friend and ally, in Poland's first popular presidential election. The country shed its four-decade-old communist government in August last year.

Walesa has demanded quicker privatization of the economy, while Mazowiecki has taken a slower approach which he says must be based on law.

Walesa told the newspaper he considered it "unlikely" that he would lose the election, and public opinion polls have him in the lead.

"But it is always possible," he said. "Winston Churchill won the war, but then lost the election."