Even if you have a photographic memory, it's probably been tough to keep track of all the recent changes in Wasatch Front radio stations. A total of seven stations have changed formats in the past eight weeks. Here's a brief summary of them:

- KCPX, alias "K-98.7, switched to a "Continuous Favorites" format from "Hit radio" in early October. They also started a new "Breakfast Bunch" team: Jay Kelly and Tami Sanders.- KLVV (FM-99.5) changed from an adult contemporary/love songs mixture to a top 40 radio format (es sentially the format KCPX used to have).

- KRSP-AM (1060) discontinued its oldies music and call letters to become KKDS-AM, the state's first radio station for kids.

- KZOL (AM-96.1) dropped its satellite oldies music to become a live, adult contemporary radio station with afternoon host Danny Kramer (previously at KQOL).

- KFMY started an all news/in-formation format in Utah County and is also affiliated with "WNN" - Winners News Network (previously heard on AM-1550).

- Mills Crenshaw returned to KTKK (AM-630) radio Nov., 12, taking over the 10 a.m.-1 p.m. time spot, replacing the Rush Limbaugh show.

- KQOL (FM-106.5) started si-mulcasting KKAT (FM-101.9) and continued to do so until its "Beautiful Music" format was ready to debut.

- KLZX-AM (860) switched from a simulcast of KLZX-FM to an all-news format anchored by CNN CableNews, mixed with local news, weather and sports during morning and afternoon drive times on Nov. 15.

- STATIONS SOLD: Three stations received new owners in the past two months, KJQN and KZOL/KFMY.

- OTHER CHANGES: KSFI (FM-100.3) avoided the local rush in format switching by makings its gradual change to an easy-listening all-vocals format last spring . . . KSRR, alias "K-Star" (LDS Contemporary, AM-1400, Provo) will finally soon be available to Salt Lake County listeners north of 7200 South, when it switches on a new, more powerful transmitter. The station is now playing totally Christmas music until New Year's Day.

- NEW TREND: With KLZX-AM's recent switch to all-news, stations seem to be steering away from the mid-1980s trend of simply using the AM station to simulcast the signal of a sister FM station. Now only two local stations simulcasting are KISN (AM-570, except during Jazz games) and KSOP (AM-1370 and FM-104.3).

- MORE ON KRAMER - Danny Kramer, besides his on-air work for KZOL/KFMY, will also be involved in the public relations and marketing of both radio stations.

Kramer, who previously worked for KSL, KALL and most recently KQOL, had his one-year contract expire at "KOOL 106.5," but luckily KZOL was looking for a top-notch personality and so they approached him about employment.

With almost 20 years of afternoon drive-time experience on the Utah radio waves, Kramer maintains an office in Salt Lake but commutes to Provo every weekday to do his 3-6 p.m. show. Kramer is also he voice on numerous radio and TV advertising clients.

- KTKK AM-630) - There appears to be little chance of the late Russ Limbaugh show, a nationally syndicated show that used to air mid-days on "K-Talk," being picked up by some other local station.

According to KTKK's Joe Red-burn, the show was dropped when Mills Crenshaw returned Nov. 12 (to the 10 a.m.-1 p.m. spot) and was not scheduled at a different time because station management felt that the controversial show had alienated its female audience. The show mainly appealed to young males, but "ran off the female audience," according to Redburn.

Kay Henry and Jim Kirkwood are two other former personalities back on KTKK. Henry, back from a year's absence, is on weekdays from 9-10 a.m. (Redburn airs from 6-9 a.m., instead of 6-10.) Kirkwood is on evenings from 6-8.

- KCPX (alias "K-98.7" FM) - The station has sent out direct mail letters to 35,000 Wasatch Front business inviting them to participate in the station's "Win $100" contest.

- KALL RADIO (AM-910) - Isaac Asimov is scheduled for a telephone interview with personality Peter B Nov. 26 at 11:05 a.m.

KALL is also working on having an interview with Steve Allen in and several other celebrities in December.

Peter B is on the air from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.