A minister who plans to deliver infant formula to Iraq says he is aware of the risk of violating a U.N. embargo by making the delivery.

But the Rev. George Williamson, pastor of the First Baptist Church, said obeying moral law is more important than abiding by civil law.Williamson plans to join a 12-member group scheduled to leave New York Sunday with food and medicine for the Iraqis.

"Non-violent action (groups) have always considered there to be a moral law higher than civil law," Williamson said. "Civil disobedience has always been a means of bearing witness to the higher moral law."

Williamson said the U.N. embargo, which includes food, "is sort of like cruel and unusual punishment. It affects the poor people. The people who are in power are going to have all the food they want."

Williamson, president of the Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America, said the mission is sponsored by the Fellowship of Reconciliation of Nyack, N.Y.

The group sponsored a similar mission in October, delivering 1,000 pounds of medicine for children's hospitals in Baghdad. The group also returned with two Americans who had been hostages in Iraq, Williamson said.