Republican platform writers agreed Wednesday to keep Michael Dukakis' name out of their party document with the hope that after the Nov. 8 election the Democratic nominee "will fade into oblivion."

Nebraska Gov. Kay Orr opened the platform hearing by asking the delegates not to refer to Dukakis by name in the document. Orr, the committee chairman, said past GOP platforms avoided direct references to the Democrats' nominee.The Democratic platform does not mention George Bush or Ronald Reagan by name.

Sen. Bob Kasten of Wisconsin, a co-chairman of the committee, told reporters that none of the subcommittee revisions was "giving anyone major heartburn." Kasten said the panel would seek to finish drafting the platform Thursday, a day ahead of schedule.

The full 106-member Republican Platform Committee began reviewing the document anew line by line, after seven subcommittees put their imprint on 158 pages of staff-produced working papers.

That draft is largely a distillation of policies from the 1984 GOP platform and stands that Bush has staked out on such issues as child care and education.